Product Overview

About the Pilot Automation Platform and how to get started

What is Pilot?

PiLOT Ctrl provides you with the ability to upgrade SBCs (single-board computers) into very powerful control platforms.

With a range of low-cost plugin modules available, each backed by rich software applications designed to make installation and operation easy, PiLOT is ideal for managing industrial automation, home automation, and vastly improving upon the communications between multiple control devices.

This SBC extension has been built to encompass a huge range of potential applications. PiLOT Ctrl is not only an expanded connectivity layer, it’s a complete, hardware to firmware technology stack that integrates everything from task-specific drivers to cloud storage.

Why should I use Pilot?

up and running in minutes - Connect your hardware and control/monitor it over the web in minutes.

online and offline - Developed cloud-native, but it can also used without any connection to the cloud, your own servers, or completely offline if you want. That enables many use-cases not possible with most IoT devices.

modular - Flexible modules enable you to connect almost any hardware across many industries from maker projects to home and building automation and industrial automation.

flexible - Powerful drivers expose the hardware interface to the linux virtual file system. That enables you to use any programming language to interact with the hardware on the Linux system.

real-time - Use the powerful feature to compile real-time code directly into the firmware to enable super-relieable control loops independent of the state of the Linux system.

open source software - Change whatever you want. From the highest level like your web-based monitoring dashboard down to the firmware.

How do I get started?

All you need is a Raspberry Pi with a SD card, a Pilot Mainboard and, if you want to do something useful, at least one module installed on the Pilot Mainboard.

See the Getting Started section for a step-by-step tutorial.

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